Helma’s full embodied presence  and unconditional trust in the unfolding of a process has given me the confidence to accept and embrace what is  there, to calm down the worries in my head, the fears in my heart, and enjoy the path that I need to walk.
— Johnny Schoofs, dancer, choreographer, Feldenkrais teacher
Eyes closed, senses glowing, a confident voice who invites me to open my heart and let it dance. Helma knows how to lead you along the hidden dance of emotions. She gives you the tools to go as far as you dare to go.
— Inge Meijer, singer songwriter
Helma’s lessons/workshops are amazing journeys. She creates a warm, safe and caring space to work with whatever arises from deep within. I love to draw the movement and to move the drawing. And it is great fun too.
— Khing Njoo, Qui Gong teacher
The depth that was reached within a day was really surprising me and it was a life altering experience, since I continue working with these tools and art forms.
— Liesbeth de Jong, landscape architect
The attention Helma is giving in her classes is nourishing and inspiring. The content of the work holds a depth and is moving in sink with the pace of the participants. I gained a lot of personal insights during Helma’s workshop.
— Anne Crepin, dance therapy student