HELMA MUELLER, MA, Tamalpa Practitioner, RSME


Whether working in nature or indoors, my work engages the body mind as a vehicle to create awareness, to facilitate healing, and to cultivate change. 

Image Credit: Annelies Goedheart

Image Credit: Annelies Goedheart


As a Tamalpa practitioner, I have taught people of various ages and backgrounds in numerous institutions such as schools, dance studios, and a clinic for drug recovery in the Netherlands.

Within an equine therapy program, I have worked with at-risk youth in Nevada. At the Tahoe Truckee CancerTreatment Center I have facilitated art-based support groups. I currently conduct Life Art Process® workshops at several locations in the Reno area; I teach children at the Reno Sage Waldorf and at the Mountainview Montessori School; and I enjoy working with individuals in my private practice.

Besides my education at Tamalpa Institute, my work is influenced by my somatic movement training, Vocal Dance and Voice Movement Integration in Amsterdam and my studies in cultural anthropology and education at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.